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“…where’s the rock ‘n’ roll?”



“…where’s the rock n roll?” Yes, indeed I did say that to Efa in last week’s episode of The Exhibitionists (BBC2 Wales 10pm), I’m not even sure what I meant! And Peter Finnemore said to me on Saturday after Fern’s talk at Mission Gallery, that I might have just as well said “where’s the cheese sandwich”! Is he possibly suggesting that I have turned into banal TV star spouting catch phrases and making no sense at all?  Ahhh but the leopard skin boots with the shiny gold heel at the beginning seem to be going down well, I blame Katy Freer who made me buy them from Topshop for 20 quid reduced from £65 no less, returned to Swansea from a woman who bought them in Oxford St London (London mind!)…..shame to lose Colin and Darren but hopefully you will tune in to watch Julia, Efa and Richard who are still standing and have to present their exhibition ideas to Osi the Rhys Osmond, David the big cheese Anderson and me, possibly wearing scary curator’s glasses…..

Remember to tune in tomorrow at 10pm on BBC2 Wales


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