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The curator and the cakes


Last Friday, Katy Freer, Eva Bartussek and I headed off to the YMCA with over 120 cake designs for Art’s Birthday. Designs had been sent by fax, post and email from a huge range of people including artists, art students, primary and secondary school children, cake lovers, video makers, ceramicists, painters and computers specialists.

 Designs referenced Fluxus, Filliou and Pfeufer, Buddhism, Poïpoïdromes, the Mona Lisa, Kandinsky, cup cakes and anything and everything to celebrate Art’s 1,000,050th birthday!

Art’s Birthday is not a competition but an international collaboration brought to you in Swansea by Barnaby Dicker and the Art’s Birthday Team, in collaboration with arts organisations and individuals from Swansea’s vibrant arts scene. In this spirit, Katy entered numbers corresponding to each design into a Top Hat, and Eva and I wandered about the YMCA and out into a very wet Swansea street to invite workers and visitors at the YMCA, kebab shop, hairdressers, passersby, to pick random numbers out of the hat.

These photos are a selection taken by Eva of the people we met who very kindly helped select the cakes….




The 12 cakes now selected will be made by Celebration Cakes, Uplands and will be ready to eat at the Art’s Birthday Celebrations taking place on Thursday 17 January from 1pm at the YMCA.

Don’t forget that whilst you have missed your opportunity to have your design turned into a cake you can still send in your design and we will display it on at the YMCA alongside talks, events, cake eating, films and our very special guest Joachim Pfeufer.

The birthday celebrations begin at 10am at Oxfam Bookshop, with events taking place from 1pm at the YMCA and from 7pm with Elysium Gallery at The Cove, 36 Castle Street, Swansea. Activities include pass the parcel by Mission Gallery, artists group Colony showing in secret locations and much, much more…

Art’s Birthday Swansea and World Wide on Thursday 17 January – full programme available in January 2013.

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