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Artist in Residence: Anna Barratt



The Glynn Vivian Art Gallery ‘Artist in Residence’ programme at the YMCA, Swansea is an opportunity for the community to engage with an artist, offering artists time for reflection research and collaboration.

Anna Barratt talks about her residency so far.

“From my bedroom window I have got an amazing view of Orchard House. Most people say it’s a shame, “that ugly building blocks your view of the sea. ”

It dominates this part of Swansea and I find it in my drawings and paintings. Especially the pylons and aerials on the roof.

From the window of the 3rd Floor YMCA, (where the Glynn Vivian AIR  studio is ),  you are magnetically drawn to look below and at the almost 360 degree view of the sea,   I have been looking at the aerials, receivers and  transmitters of Sun Alliance House (opposite).

Trying to make and represent these objects, taking the drawings /paintings off the page into bound, taped and wheeled sculptures.

I have some sort of rules when making them (that I think I  have broken):

waist height

grey, white, red or black

only cotton/linen”



In addition to the residency, the artist will also host a talk, workshop and open studio to share their practice with the community. To find out more, please contact the gallery on 01792 516900.

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