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Artist in Residence: Now and Then


Artist Studio, Zanne Andrea, YMCA Swansea

Artist Studio, Zanne Andrea, YMCA Swansea

Since October 2012, Glynn Vivian Art Gallery has been running an Artist in Residence programme at our offsite base at the YMCA, Swansea.

The Artist in Residence programme is an opportunity for the community to engage with an artist, offering the artist time for reflection, research and collaboration.

Here, our current Artist in Residence for May – June 2014, Zanne Andrea, talks about her experiences in Swansea and how observations made during her time have potentially opened up new ideas and directions for her future work.

We also take a look back to June 2013 and catch up with Artist in Residence from June 2013, Huw Andrews, to bring you his latest work, The Conversation, which he began during his time in Swansea.

Join Zanne Andrea for her final Artist Talk this Thursday 19 June at 5.30pm at the YMCA, Swansea. No booking required, everyone welcome.

'studio - work in progress'  Zanne Andrea

‘studio – work in progress’ Zanne Andrea

“I have had two open studios throughout my residency.  There is an element of vulnerability in letting the public into a part of your practice that is usually carried out behind closed doors.  It can feel a little exposing inviting people into your studio to see works that aren’t necessarily finished, to see ideas that aren’t fully formed, to see the elements and bits that you pick, choose or may even discard. However I do have a certain reliance on the associations other people make about the objects and images I collect and the arrangement I make. No matter how exposed I might have felt, having a chance to hear how others engage with my process and the things in my studio was something I was really looking forward to.  My process of working with the materials I collect is continuous and I’m often not exactly sure what I might be making until something ‘clicks’.  The immediate responses given during Open Studios have been helpful in thinking about potential changes and challenges to what I’ve been in the process of making. The observations made have potentially opened some new ideas and directions for future work as well.  I feel refreshed and invigorated with the possibilities.  I had the pleasure of engaging with some of the members of the Black Kettle Collective as well.  I really enjoyed meeting them, talking to them about their own work and the potential challenges and considerations of continuing life as an artist after university.  I wish them all the best!”

Zanne Andrea, June 2014

Huw Andrews, The Conversation, 2014

Huw Andrews, The Conversation, 2014

During his GVAG residency last year, Huw Andrews sorted and experimented with a selection of text, audio and video material he had collected from Asia over an 18 month period. A specific project, Searching for Jonathan Williams, was his central focus. Associating this name with Wales, Huw asked an American teaching colleague in Bangkok, Jonathan Williams, to sound record parts of his week. Using one of these conversations, Huw began editing The Conversation, (2014) last year and completed it last month.

Watch ‘The Conversation’ here.

About the work: Dialogue between Jonathan and Mizuno in Bangkok (2013). Andrews asked Jonathan, a teaching colleague, to record some conversations. By chance, Andrews had unused footage from countries discussed: China (2012), France (2010) and the USA (2009). In China, Andrews joked about painted trees, staff surveillance and tennis dancing with university colleagues. The video’s motif, the university’s administration building, tries to process their foreign conversations by projecting distant imagery. However, the structure begins to see the absurdities too, malfunctioning then shutting down.

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