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Poems in October: Dylan Thomas and Shakespeare


Poems in October: Dylan Thomas and Shakespeare Location map

Poems in October: Dylan Thomas and Shakespeare. Location map

If you are visiting Swansea over the next two weeks, you may find that you happen upon poetry by Dylan Thomas and William Shakespeare appearing in different venues, and in unexpected places throughout Swansea City Centre.

Beginning today, Monday 27 October, Glynn Vivian Offsite presents Poems in October: Dylan Thomas and Shakespeare, a sound project in partnership with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

The project has been inspired by one of Dylan’s early influences: his love of William Shakespeare which his father read to him as a child.

Staff at Glynn Vivian Gallery has been working in collaboration with Swansea University’s Centre for Research into the English Literature and Language of Wales (CREW) and the Dylan Thomas Centre to choose texts which explore the rhythms and cadences between the two poets.

The minute long sound recordings include extracts from Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Othello and King Lear alongside works from Dylan Thomas including Foster the Light and an extract from The Long Legged Bait.

From Swansea railway station to some of the famous pubs Dylan visited, you can hear the works of the two writers, brought to life by Michael Sheen and actors from the Royal Shakespeare Company.

The sound bites will appear intermittently in venues in different places, in the Quadrant shopping centre and Swansea Market. The recordings will also be available at three central hubs, the Dylan Thomas Centre, the Kardomah Coffee Shop and Swansea Central Library, where visitors can sit and listen to the sound clips in their entirety.

We would like to thank Michael Sheen, the actors from the Royal Shakespeare Company and staff from all of the participating venues.

The project is part of Swansea Council’s Dylan Thomas Festival 2014 and coincides with the 450th centenary celebrations of Shakespeare’s birth.

For more information about where to hear the recordings and discover all the venues involved, please visit

Exhibition continues throughout the Dylan Thomas Festival 2014 until 9 November.

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