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Five questions to: Black Kettle Collective’s Kwesi Idun

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12219211315_94443b4ba2_k 1: How did you first get involved with the Glynn Vivian?

I first joined the Glynn Vivian Young Peoples’ Group in August 2013, when the gallery hosted a fortnight of performance workshops, which ranged from comedy performance to script writing and character development.

2:What have you gained from your time with the gallery?

When I joined the group, I had just graduated from a BA Drama degree at the University of Cumbria in Lancaster. I was in a horrible position – saying goodbye to a significant chapter of my life and saying hello to the ‘real world’. Being part of the Glynn Vivian Young Peoples’ Group gave me a unique opportunity to utilise the performance skills I had acquired in both college and university and not allow them to go to waste.

3: Can you tell us about your most memorable experience?

There are so many!

  • Let’s See What Happens is definitely one. If I ever visit China, I’ll be able to impress the locals by making a mean load of Chinese Tea.
  • Meeting new people. Many fantastic friendships have formed as a result of both the group and this specific project, and I hope they last a lifetime.
  • The change from Glynn Vivian Young Peoples’ Group to Black Kettle Collective. I wonder which young, handsome and dashing genius thought up that name? I suppose we’ll never know!

DJIS Vagabond4: What’s happening for you next?

This summer, I began looking into and researching Postgraduate courses in Communication Studies in the United States. After compiling a shortlist of places, and doing my best to avoid anywhere that requires the dreaded Graduate Record Examination, I narrowed the list down to three places: Arizona State University, University of Northern Iowa and Northwestern University. Following a highly-successful Skype interview in February – for which the gallery provided the laptop – Northwestern University offered me a place on their ten-month MSc Communication course, which I have accepted. If all goes well with funding, visas, etc, I will be Chicago-bound in August. Thanks for the reference, Tom!

5: Has the gallery changed your perspective in any way?

Coming from a highly-artistic family (on my mother’s side, anyway) – but not being artistic in the ‘conventional’ sense myself – I was apprehensive about getting involved with an art-related organisation. I had a pre-conceived dislike for the subject, growing up in a home filled with canvases thanks to being the long-suffering son, cousin and nephew of artists. However, being part of the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery has changed my perspective. I now realise that art can exists everywhere. Drama is art, friendship is art, LIFE is art! It doesn’t simply have to be on a canvas or a wall (Yes, Banksy, I am referring to you!)

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