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Yn Siarad yn Farddonol – Grym Llên (Rhan 3)


I ddathlu Mis Hanes Pobl Dduon yng Nghymru 2015, cyflwynwyd gweithdy newydd gan raglen ysgolion uwchradd Oriel Gelf Glynn Vivian, 4Site, o’r enw ‘Yn Siarad yn Farddonol – Grym Llên’. Mae Mis Hanes Pobl Dduon yn dathlu cyfraniadau pobl dduon at hanes a diwylliant lleol, cenedlaethol a byd-eang, a’i nod yw addysgu pobl yng Nghymru, herio canfyddiadau negyddol a hyrwyddo hanes pobl o dras y gwasgariad Affricanaidd. Y thema eleni yw ‘Merched Du Rhagorol’.

Gan weithio gyda Tracy Harris, sy’n awdur, yn ddramodydd ac yn berfformiwr, defnyddiodd myfyrwyr Blwyddyn 9 o Ysgol Gyfun yr Esgob Gore ddarnau o lenyddiaeth, barddoniaeth, celf ac amlgyfrwng i archwilio dylanwad pwerus awduron du benywaidd o bwys megis Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison, Angela Davis a Zadie Smith. Gan gymryd ysbrydoliaeth o’r awduron penigamp hyn, mae’r myfyrwyr wedi ysgrifennu eu darnau eu hunain o ffuglen fer, ymsonau a barddoniaeth.

Cafodd y cerddi hyn eu sbarduno gan gyfres o wahanol luniau a chardiau post a ddewiswyd gan y dosbarth i ysbrydoli ‘ysgrifennu rhydd’. 

Champagne done
flowers done
ring in champagne done
she walks in in a heavenly dress
looking glamorous as always
like Cinderella but more beautiful
with her golden blonde hair swaying around the top of her head

we dance
me with my moves, her like a princess

time has come to propose
champagne done
flowers done
ring on finger done.

a plane- just a plane
left and never came back
engine fails and a fin breaks off
just one photo remains
as the plain plane plummets

Adrenalin building
Thinking about 80 minutes
Nerves shaking
My blue kit is on
Like the sea in mumbles bay
Shimmering like the sun
Walking through the arch
Crowd cheering out my name
It’s time to shine
I run to my position
The ball comes my way
It’s my opportunity
I run with the ball
6ft prop running my way
side step
score the try the crowd cheer
their turn to attack
they had skilled the whole team
except me
it was my chance to get the perfect game
he ran at me full speed
bounded at me, I was on the floor
it was 5-5
I had to score
The last chance
They made a break
We had no chance Goal.

searching, searching
my son left
one trace I found
a note on the fridge
‘gone for chicken’

ran to the car
ignition on, 5th gear
to nandos

nothing, no trace
ignition on, 5th gear
to KFC

Peer through the window
My son not apparent
Starting to think it was a false DNA test

Nothing, no trace
Ignition on, 5th gear
Last resort- McDonalds
I knew if he was there
He would not hide
There he was happy
Ordering a happy meal..


By himself
nobody to love him
all alone
he cries to himself
thinking what to do
devising a plan
at the shop
he gets the gear
he gonna do it
to the pub
he downs some booze
he gonna do it
he takes the gear
he ties the rope
one end of the bannister
he kicks the stool
he gonna do it
it’s over now
he’s free
he’s gone n done it.

Ninja mouse in the tree
Ninja mouse filled with glee
Ninja mouse takes a chance
Ninja mouse swings from branch to branch

Ninja mouse can jump so high
Ninja mouse can touch the sky
Ninja mouse does lots of tricks
Ninja mouse will eat your crisps

Ninja mouse thinks nature’s great
Ninja mouse does not support hate
Ninja mouse cannot eat cheese
Ninja mouse has a dairy allergy

Ninja mouse has acorn grenades
Ninja mouse performs at parades
Ninja mouse has little hair
Ninja mouse just got eaten by a bear.

Feathers everywhere
everywhere I look, they’re there
although I have no idea where they came from
maybe a bird but where is that bird now
I wonder?

the only old red box
away from civilisation
why is the box there who could it be for?
Who could of put it there?
The bright metallic red box
In the middle of the dark
Who would leave the poor box there
But secretly
No one put the box there
It came itself, it was alive.
When someone called.

Every day he would play that horrible trumpet
whether I was asleep or awake
he thought he was good
but he couldn’t even read music
playing random notes, an everlasting prank
every single morning
my heart sank.

This is a story about a granny
who hit the town on her 89th year
walkin around with her crew of balloons
showing her swag on her 89th year
she’s gonna shop till she drops
on her 89th year
this story turn sour, when she got hit by a car
on her 89th year
the balloons turned sour and rained on the guy
on her 90th year

Gadael Ymateb

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