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Yn Siarad yn Farddonol – Grym Llên (Rhan 2)


I ddathlu Mis Hanes Pobl Dduon yng Nghymru 2015, cyflwynwyd gweithdy newydd gan raglen ysgolion uwchradd Oriel Gelf Glynn Vivian, 4Site, o’r enw ‘Yn Siarad yn Farddonol – Grym Llên’. Mae Mis Hanes Pobl Dduon yn dathlu cyfraniadau pobl dduon at hanes a diwylliant lleol, cenedlaethol a byd-eang, a’i nod yw addysgu pobl yng Nghymru, herio canfyddiadau negyddol a hyrwyddo hanes pobl o dras y gwasgariad Affricanaidd. Y thema eleni yw ‘Merched Du Rhagorol’.

Gan weithio gyda Tracy Harris, sy’n awdur, yn ddramodydd ac yn berfformiwr, defnyddiodd myfyrwyr Blwyddyn 9 o Ysgol Gyfun yr Esgob Gore ddarnau o lenyddiaeth, barddoniaeth, celf ac amlgyfrwng i archwilio dylanwad pwerus awduron du benywaidd o bwys megis Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison, Angela Davis a Zadie Smith. Gan gymryd ysbrydoliaeth o’r awduron penigamp hyn, mae’r myfyrwyr wedi ysgrifennu eu darnau eu hunain o ffuglen fer, ymsonau a barddoniaeth.

Ysbrydolwyd y gwaith hwn gan gerddi Maya Angelou a Sonia Sanchez.

1. Belief
Belief is the river
From which my troubles pour away

Belief is a place
Where everything is perfect

Belief is the cycle
That motivates me, picks me up when I fall

Belief is immersion
In the wonderful creation

Belief is looking up
and seeing a tree

Belief is Purity

2. The rain pitter patters
From the valleys of the heavens
Upon a simple leaf
The liquid of the sky shatters

The running of tears
From an angel up above
The chair carried by the wind
Cries hallelujah

3. I am lucky
I have a chance
Unlike most others

Whilst others are out
Fighting for their lives
I’m safe being happy

This school is a new beginning
It means I can get a better life

It has already blessed me with a friend
And in the future I will be a doctor
a maker of my own future

I am writing stories
While others sort through rubbish
I calculate sums
While others carry water

You say you’ll do anything
To get out of school
But I’ll do anything
To stay in here.

4. The souls
eternal darkness
weep in the void

silence oppressing
their once loud sing-a-long
voices crushed

the blackness
enabling alienations
and froth breaking

watering the plights of the mother
never escaping the grasp of the father

the highway to hell
is easier to tread across
than the stairway to heaven

you can always fall down stairs
plunge in to silence
silence resounding silence

5. heh babba I salute you,
lyrics coming out you with supersonic speed
uh-huh swooma luna you
got to do to get it through to you
I’m a superhuman human
With superhuman neurons

6. sandstorm, earthquake
the perfect storm
dark and dull

the glistening glows
of the low toned

deep footprints
never ending in the sand under the harmful rays
beaming down on innocent people

purple rays with the effect of pain
purple rain clenched to the ankles

struggling to walk
the sand caves beneath the feet

the more they struggle
the deeper and more dangerous it becomes

twirling down through a time filled, sand filled tunnel

7. Searching around every taco truck for the perfect taco
asking wise men for a delicious bite from heaven to mexico
as I waited for the angel in my mouth
a gun shot through my tongue, risking my life
stealing clues from Mexican gangs, thanking god
x marks the spot of a taco treasure map
I quickly grab a shovel
I win and see the taco
Shovel the succulent taco in to my mouth.
The war not yet won, but finished.

8. The waves racing to the shore
like white stallions
pebbles crashing together
fighting for first place
the erosion so strong
fishes swim in the sea
flowing with the seas current mood
the sand gripping at your feet
never letting go
the taste of lemon and lime
snow cones
dancing on my taste buds
snorkling in the deep sea
the coral drawing you deeper
children filled with wonder
staring in to the silky sea
smells of salt and vinegar
crashing waves hitting the surface
like a thunderstorm
packing up for the  day
leaving memories behind.

9. The demons are hiding
Slowly destroying everything
Don’t get too close
A cat with a laser eyes
Burning in to my mind
We’re not going back
Emptiness everywhere
A lonely spud in the dark
Not even the shiniest spoon makes light
Pen lids and plugholes
Holding the darkest secrets
Stuck at the bottom
I watch the grassy field constantly
A single perfect daisy in the middle
But the boy came and picked it
Stuck behind a screen
Thousands of miles between
Need to get through
Believing is a dream
Reality isn’t what it seems

10. Starting an adventure with my family
Alone on the wide sea in the Indian
Starting at Swansea and ending in Sydney
I have a fear of drowning since my boyhood
Ever since the boats were made of wood
If I was to rewind time, I definitely would
Now on my adventure I am always scared
Swansea to Sydney is where I’m being led
Where was the end?

11. Swimming gracefully through the deep blue
the apex predator
on the scent of his prey
the great white swimming death
a lonely life for hunters
steatherly sliding under his prey
suddenly swimming vertical
and propelling himself up
bursting through the group of seals
shooting out of water and in to the air
he will eat well today.

12. When you cry it reminds me of the river
every tear falls like the leaves off the trees
the sky is limiting your soul
set it free, fly like a bird
far away from here

13. As I tread towards the light
my mind wanders elsewhere
life is behind me
there is nowhere left to run
I reluctantly step forward
In my favourite shoes

Blinded, hurting, depressed and weak
My only wish is that I don’t go in to oblivion
That I am never forgotten
But always missed
I reluctantly step forwards
In my favourite shoes

Maybe there is a heaven
Maybe there is nothing
Wherever I end up
I want to hold on to who I was
I reluctantly step forwards
In my favourite shoes

14. She stands there glamorously
Her dress surrounding her feet
Being swallowed by the satin
Disguised by the fascinating fascinator
Her face a silhouette of her own shadow
Her hat trying to cover her face
Taking the roots no one knows of
She still turns the heads of passer-bys
Her face as clear as glass
Lips standing out red and bold
No one knows her name
All they know is that
She’s the lady in the satin dress.

15. a truly beautiful place
the light illuminating space
a dark cavern filled with light
suddenly disappears out of sight
pink, purple, amber hues
suddenly takes away the blues.

16. The tall towering trees soaring the sky
The bright beautiful flowers plugged into the earth’s soil
The grass coverings below my feet
Many people follow these majestic paths
The paths that have been stepped on for years
Such beauty unappreciated slowly losing touch
Losing connections from the wildlife with phones and headphones
All reasons to lose touch
Social media is made for
Connecting worldwide but it’s preventing us from connecting
With what’s around us, and what’s important
Battery time is unimportant and nature is my music
Too focused on your phone while the world slips away beneath you feet.

17. He was lonely
Abandoned by his uncle
Left in a blank space

There was lots of fun
Loads of uptown funk
In downtown

The doctor said he had not long to live
He said he had bad blood
He was in trouble

The zoo was big
You could hear the roars
Of the dark horse

Indiana Jones was an explorer
He said watch me whip, neigh, neigh
Well, at least he had his horse to lean on

Dad, Dad I kissed a girl
Well, at least your not in love

Hey brother
Where are you now?
My father told me we’ve got to go back

He partied all night
He was so tired
He slept all day

There was a new religion in town
They worshipped the rap god
And set off a firework

Tom’s mother was worried
Tom I can’t feel my face
Don’t you worry child.

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