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The Glynn Vivian Art Gallery is currently undergoing redevelopment work.

Glynn Vivian Away Days 2015

Glynn Vivian Art Gallery 4site activities

The Glynn Vivian Art Gallery is currently closed for a major redevelopment project to help maintain the infrastructure of the original 1911 building and to improve public access for all.

This exciting project is very extensive and the Gallery will be closed fully to the public in the interim. Further information is available on our website

During the coming year, the Glynn Vivian Learning team will continue to deliver an offsite programme of full and half day workshops to take place within primary and secondary schools.

Glynn Vivian Away Days

Glynn Vivian Away Days provides an opportunity for a class to work in school with their teacher and engage in activities that will explore the Gallery and its collection. One of our team of art educators will visit the school with specially selected resources and materials for an exciting day of activities.

Workshop Programme for Primary Schools

Our working artists and experienced art educators are well-versed and practiced in the demands of Art and Design within the National Curriculum and are able to offer full education programmes. Each organised workshop visit is designed to give a balance of Creative Development within the Foundation Phase and Understanding, Investigating and Making into Key Stage 2.

Collection Explored

The art educators will show a selection of images from the gallery’s collection which will include reproductions of contemporary and historical works. These will be based around the following themes and will be available for projection and as reproduction prints.

Practical Response

Following a broad discussion about each of the selected reproductions from the Gallery’s collection, the art educators will then use their vast knowledge and experience to tailor a days’ practical session from the class response.

Pupils may explore topics such as nature, landscapes, stories, portraits and travel and journeys, and use the selected resources brought by the artists to create a piece of artwork either individually or collectively.

Themes Relating to the Curriculum

  • Emotions
  • Explorers
  • Portraits
  • Gallery
  • Nature
  • The Senses
  • Play in a Day
  • Traveller’s Tales
  • Creative Rhythm

Workshop Programme for Secondary Schools

Experimental Drawing
The Experimental Drawing Workshops are designed to deconstruct and re-examine observational drawing practices.

Adopting a series of dynamic, practical drawing experiments, the workshops challenge our presumptions when we pick up a pencil and begin to draw a subject. Short experimental drawing exercises are used to question the function of drawing and its relationship to observation. By demonstrating that drawing is a conceptualisation of reality, the drawing workshops encourage each student to ask the question: What is drawing for me?

Shorter exercises are interspersed between longer drawing exercises, where students are given the time to develop new ideas.

At its heart the Experimental Drawing Workshops are a challenge to the idea that there is a right way of drawing, encouraging each student to develop their unique drawing potential.

Music Development
These workshops are aimed at students at Key stage 3-4 with some musical or creative skills, traditional instruments and voice or Djing skills. Pupils will work as a team to encourage positive interaction and appreciation of one another’s creative skills. The workshops will enable pupils to develop their skills and potentially identify the desire and ability to go on and pursue any side of the music industry at Higher or Further Education.

Our experienced music professional will share their knowledge of all aspects of the music industry, including marketing, promotion, management and live performance.

A single workshop can contain a MAXIMUM of 5 pupils; therefore these workshops will need to take place across several sessions.

Creating Character
Playwright Tracy Harris will collaborate with pupils to teach them how to write, create and perform dramatic characters. The workshops will begin with warm-up and imagination games to inspire ideas and then focus on character, plot and structure. By the end of the project there will be an informal sharing of work that will be performed by participants.

This workshop will help with literacy, observation skills and drama skills.

Writer Tracy Harris will combine Richard Glynn Vivian’s love of Travel to inspire pupils to write their own travel diaries. Using postcards and visual aids, this interactive workshop will spark imagination and encourage the class to create their own journeys through time, space and place.


The Gallery is now taking bookings for the 4Site Education Service. If you would like to arrange a booking, please telephone 01792 516900 for an initial discussion or complete the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery Booking Form  and send via email to

Booking Information 

Full and half day workshops will be available. Workshops will be available Monday – Friday and artists will be at the school from 9.30am – 2.30pm and will adjust according to the break times, which may vary from school to school.

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